Sky digibox updating system software

The first Digiboxes shipped to consumers in mid-1998, and the hardware reference design is unchanged since.

Next press 0, 1, select - you should now see the engineer's menu. The box will now take a few minutes to reset itself.Sky Television says it has not begun upgrading its 530,000 My Sky HDi set-top boxes with its On Demand feature yet after all, and a software update that appears to have caused a glitch for a few customers was unrelated.Spokeswoman Leanne Carpenter said the software upgrade to its On Demand service, that will let customers download programmes to their set-top box over the internet, was due to begin later this month.Set-top boxes would still get the upgrade if they were on standby mode.READ MORE: * 'Box set experience' key draw card for Sky's mammoth upgrade * Sky On Demand an 'evolution' with potential Sky has begun rolling out On Demand to another 240,000 Sky Digital customers and owners of its first-generation My Sky box.

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