Women s sex drive drops after dating

(The best way to get it is simply to grate it from a piece of gingerroot.) Ginseng helps in the production of nitric oxide, which is essential for smooth-muscle relaxation and erectile function. Selenium is key to fertility; you need it to produce sperm. , “My dick gets hard if the wind blows.” Of course, that was in 1982, when a stiff breeze was all it took for most of us.If you’re in your forties, however, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to stand at attention on command every time. The recipe is in his book, , and it’s based on research that suggests certain basic nutrients—available in liquid or powder form at health-food stores—can help maintain potency.It also helps to balance hormones and control some symptoms of perimenopause (irregular menstrual bleeding and cramping) and menopause (hot flashes).

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Kingsberg says that sexual desire is more than just an issue of low libido or sex drive.

For a growing number of women, declining hormones, job stress, relationship issues, and other problems are taking their toll in the bedroom.

Loss of sexual desire, known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women of all ages.

Another poll revealed one in four men is no longer having sexual intercourse at all - and the figure rises to 42 per cent for men over 55 - while a quarter said they had been affected by erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Dr David Edwards, a GP specialising in sexual issues, says the impact of low libido on a man and his relationship can be devastating.

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